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French Study Abroad Programs

Approximately 200 million people in the world speak French. While 128 million people speak French as their native language or second language, it is known and spoken by 72 million people in 54 countries. It is spoken mainly in France, Canada, Belgium, Switzerland, Africa, Luxembourg, and Monaco. According to the European Union data, 129 million people (497,198,740% 26) in the 27 member states speak French, 65 million (12%) speak as their native language, and 69 million (14%) as their second language.

The duration of education depends on the language level of the person. Studying French will provide you with the experiences listed below.

- You will learn the native language in the country where it is spoken while gaining international experience.
- You will have the chance to use the language you have learned in daily life and meet people from different cultures.
- Living in another country will allow you to gain experience in life while also making you feel confident.
- Knowing foreign languages has become even more crucial in this century, this experience will have an impact on your career.

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