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Studying Languages Abroad & Summer Language Programs aged between 8-18

During the summer holidays, the first choice of children and young families aged between 8-18 years who want to have fun and learn languages is to attend summer language schools abroad. In addition to studying and practicing foreign languages, children and young people gain experience of socializing in a group, making new friends, and being alone with summer language programs.

In the 21st century, learning a foreign language by using all the skills with an emphasis on speaking and communication is gaining importance day by day. In addition to this, the sooner a person starts studying a foreign language, the sooner they obtain that language easily. The most effective way to learn a foreign language is to learn that language in the country where it is spoken, by living the culture of the country, by communicating with its people. For this reason, foreign summer language schools enable students to gain self-confidence at an early age, both by practicing the target language and by gaining experience abroad.

Miracolo Eğitim & Danışmanlık

Summer schools, aged between 8 and 18 allow students to spend their summer holidays for holiday purposes besides studying languages. These schools, which offer special programs for children and young people, usually provide language training in the morning and the afternoon by involving students in various social, sporting, and cultural activities organized by the school. In this way, students practice what they learn in the classroom and socialize with students from other countries by having a good time. At the weekends, trips are organized to the historical and touristic areas. During these trips, students both learn about the historical and cultural characteristics of the region, develop their foreign language by practicing it, and can have long-term friendships with the students from other countries.

Summer English Language Program

With the Summer English Language Programs, children and young people improve their English during the summer months and have an unforgettable holiday with cultural trips and social activities. These summer language programs under the title of summer school start at least 2 weeks can be extended upon request. During the summer months, students can stay at a dormitory and prefer homestay in many elite centers abroad, which are the leading institutions of their countries. In addition to 15, 20, or 25 lessons of foreign language instruction per week, social, cultural, and sports activities are regularly organized. These summer language programs, where participants from all age groups attend, are followed by foreign language lessons in the morning, excursions in the afternoon accompanied by guiding teachers, sports activities, video days, quizzes, museum, and theater tours. Also, many historical places, parks, and shopping centers in the region are visited.

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