Study In Azerbaijan

Study In Azerbaijan

Azerbaijan is a country that always gives a lot of importance to education and is open to all kinds of innovations and developments. Azerbaijan is aware that progress will be due to education and has always aimed and continued to aim one step further in education.

Azerbaijan offers all kinds of options for students to improve themselves with advanced educational tools, university campuses, and well-equipped laboratories.

With the opportunities it offers, Azerbaijan is becoming an education center not only with this but also with the festivals organized throughout the year by offering an environment that allows you to be interested in arts such as cinema, theater, ballet, and opera.

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Azerbaijan is among the countries that can be preferred both culturally and linguistically for university education. In Azerbaijan, which has many quality state universities in terms of education, the languages taught in departments, in general, are English and Azerbaijani. The fact that Azerbaijani is similar to Turkish allows students to adapt quickly to the language and succeed in courses.

Most universities in Azerbaijan are among the universities on the official website of YÖK.

There are many options for accommodation in Azerbaijan, such as motels, hotels, hostels, houses, and apartments. Accommodation prices are almost similar to Turkey, prices are based on characteristics such as being the center of the place to stay, touristic and historical, etc., the prices vary.

In addition, tuition fees at Azerbaijani universities are also very economical.

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