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EU membership: since Hungary became a member of the European Union in 2004, universities have automatically received higher education and international equivalence. Thus, the diploma is valid both in European countries and in Turkey.

No exam requirement: in Hungary, there is no requirement to take the OSS exam to get a university education with the equivalence of YÖK. At these EU-supported universities, students can study English in many fields such as medicine, pharmacy, engineering, and business. Undergraduate education in Hungary lasts 3 years. In some engineering departments, this period is three and a half years. Medical education lasts for 6 years and dentistry and pharmacy departments for 5 years. Graduate education lasts 2 years.

English: Education is provided in English in almost all universities in Hungary.

Affordable: departments such as medicine, pharmacy, dentistry, and business charge a very affordable fee compared to other countries, and after graduation, the student can comfortably do his profession both in Europe and in Turkey. Only in medicine, pharmacy, and Dentistry, the first year of medical preparatory education (Medical Foundation) is taken.

Miracolo Eğitim & Danışmanlık

Schengen visa: students who will study in Hungary will have a Schengen visa due to the country's EU membership so that the student will have the right to travel in Europe unlimitedly as they wish.

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