Study In Ukraine

Study In Ukraine

Being a student at Ukrainian universities has become one of the most popular alternatives of recent times among students in Turkey. In addition to being equivalent to the European Union education system, Ukrainian universities are also considered to have equivalence by YÖK in our country. Ukraine is also cheap in terms of living conditions, and at the same time, it is of great importance that the universities approve admissions without exams.

Students who want to study in Ukraine usually have 4 years of undergraduate education. In general, the duration of undergraduate education in Ukrainian Universities is 4 years, however, this may vary according to some departments such as Medicine, which lasts 6 years.

The language of instruction used in Ukrainian universities is both Russian and Ukrainian for the vast majority, however, in some departments, such as medicine and pharmacy, English is also preferred as a language of instruction. For this reason, students have language education at preparatory classes before starting their undergraduate education. The education given at preparatory classes is one academic year (850 hours, 9 months). Students who want to study in English instead of Russian or Ukrainian can also study at English preparatory classes.

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Turkish students who want to study in Ukraine can apply for universities through their high school diplomas. There is no examination requirement for university education in Ukraine.

The application month for students who want to study in Ukraine is in July. The reason for this is that university preparation periods start in mid-September. For this reason, students who want to enroll must apply in July. For students who could not apply in July, December 31st is set as a late application date for students who are late to the registration date.

The preparatory education of Ukrainian universities is 850 hours in total. This period is realized as it should be for students who enroll in July. For students who are late for the registration date, the 850 hours preparation period is given as an intensive course. It is said that it will be an intensive and fast process for students who take preparatory class education quickly.

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